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version 0.11.0

A python module to make noise from numpy arrays

People: David Cournapeau


Audiolab is a python package for audio file IO using numpy arrays. It supports many different audio formats, including wav, aiff, au, flac, ogg, htk. It also supports output to audio device (Mac OS X and Linux only).

For simplicity, a matlab-like API is provided for simple import/export; a more complete API is also available.

Audiolab is essentially a wrapper around Erik de Castro Lopo's excellent libsndfile:

LICENSE: audiolab is licensed under the LGPL, as is libsndfile itself. See COPYING.txt for details.

2006-2008, David Cournapeau



You can download the latest distribution from PyPI here:

Using pip

You can install scikits.audiolab for yourself from the terminal by running:

pip install --user scikits.audiolab

If you want to install it for all users on your machine, do:

pip install scikits.audiolab
On Linux, do sudo pip install scikits.audiolab.

If you don't yet have the pip tool, you can get it following these instructions.

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