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Scikit-Qfit Fit gradient orthogonal Q-polynomials to 2D data
scikit-aero Aeronautical engineering calculations in Python.
scikit-allel A Python package for exploring and analysing genetic variation data.
scikit-bio Data structures, algorithms and educational resources for bioinformatics.
scikit-chainer scikit-learn like interface for chainer
scikit-chem A set of python modules for cheminformatics
scikit-commpy Digital Communication Algorithms with Python
scikit-criteria Multiple-criteria decision analysis package
scikit-cuda Python interface to GPU-powered libraries
scikit-dsdp Python interface to DSDP semidefinite programming library
scikit-fmm An extension module implementing the fast marching method
scikit-fusion A Python module for data fusion built on top of factorized models.
scikit-fuzzy Fuzzy logic toolkit for SciPy
scikit-geodesic A SciPy tool for computing geodesics in an isotropic Riemannian manifold of arbitrary dimension. It implements the Birkhoff curve shortening algorithm for finding global geodesics.
scikit-gof Variations on goodness of fit tests for SciPy.
scikit-gpuppy Gaussian Process Uncertainty Propagation with PYthon
scikit-image Image processing routines for SciPy
scikit-learn A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining
scikit-monaco Python modules for Monte Carlo integration
scikit-multilearn A set of python modules for multi-label classification
scikit-nano Python toolkit for generating and analyzing nanostructure data
scikit-neuralnetwork Deep neural networks without the learning cliff! A wrapper library compatible with scikit-learn.
scikit-rf Open Source RF Engineering
scikit-spectra Spectroscopy in Python built on Pandas.
scikit-tensor Python module for multilinear algebra and tensor factorizations
scikit-tracker Object detection and tracking for cell biology
scikit-umfpack Python interface to UMFPACK sparse direct solver.
scikit-vi Scikit providing Virtual Instruments
scikit-video Video processing routines for SciPy
scikit-xray Data analysis tools for X-ray science
mcts A monte carlo tree search library
ann Approximate Nearest Neighbor library wrapper for Numpy
audiolab A python module to make noise from numpy arrays
bootstrap Bootstrap confidence interval estimation routines for SciPy
bvp1lg Boundary value problem (legacy) solvers for ODEs
bvp_solver Python package for solving two-point boundary value problems
datasmooth Scikits data smoothing package
eartho Earth Observation routines for SciPy
example Scikits example package
fitting Framework for fitting functions to data with SciPy
hydroclimpy Environmental time series manipulation
learn A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining
odes A python module for ordinary differential equation anddifferential algebraic equation solvers
optimization A python module for numerical optimization
pulsefit Scikits pulse-fitting package.
samplerate A python module for high quality audio resampling
scattpy Light Scattering methods for Python
sparse Scikits sparse matrix package
statsmodels Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
talkbox Talkbox, a set of python modules for speech/signal processing
timeseries Time series manipulation
vectorplot Vector fields plotting algorithms.